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 Take 5

 "Look Both Ways" to Release Tension in Your Neck.
When you hammer those computer keys, you're looking straight ahead and that's hard on your neck. Here's a drill to widen your horizons.

 Calves--Your Second Heart
Do your legs feel like balloons after a stint at the desk? Pump that blood back where it belongs (and increase your vertical jump too!).

 Concentrate on Your Diaphragm
Your breath controls your stress.

 Firm Up Your Grip Easily
A weak grip makes for wimpy handshakes. Here's how to muscle up your grasp, and reduce some stress.

 Flex Your Wrists Away from Keyboard Strains
"Pray" your way to flexible wrists

Mind wandering? Get your head in the game with this focusing drill.

 Full-Body Stretch!
Get out of that chair and reach for the sky! This simple stretch will rejuvenate

 Keep Your Lower Back Limber
Lower back pain is often a by-product of sitting for hours in one position. Here's a great stretch to make your lower back limber.

 Limber Up Those Face Muscles
Much of your tension resides in your facial muscles. Here's how to put a relaxed face on things.

 Melt Away Tension With This Back Stretch
Merely standing up from your desk is a great stress-buster. But this stretch makes the most of your time spent upright.

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