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Beginner Swimming    Training via ActiveMail
This four-week swim training program is perfect for beginning exercisers. It's also great if you're in good condition but are not a swimmer; just take fewer rest days than the schedule calls for. Each week you'll learn the fundamental skills and techniques of swimming, broken down into their most basic elements. You'll have three rest days and four workouts a week. Most of the workouts take only 30 minutes -- small time investment, big gains!
Intermediate Open Water Swim Training    Training via ActiveMail
Two month schedule includes regular strength training, pool and open-water workouts and valuable training and racing tips.
Intermediate Swim Training    Training via ActiveMail
This program is designed to help you get into shape, tone your body, and burn calories! If you are a beginner or intermediate swimmer, you can complete this regimen. The program will guide you through eight weeks of swimming workouts, scheduled every other day. Sessions are designed to last less than an hour, and to deliver the most "bang for your buck". You will notice your fitness and strength improve as you progress so that by the time you're finished, not only will you be in great swimming.
Advanced Intermediate Swim Training    Training via ActiveMail
Two-month program ideally suited for serious intermediate to advanced swimmers who want to focus on both technique and improved performance. In two months you'll be a stronger, more efficient and more knowledgeable swimmer.