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 Power Up Your Shoulders
Here's another way to build shoulder strength with light weights.

 Relax Your Back and Stretch Your Wrists
Two areas are frequently painful after long hours at the keyboard--your wrists and your lower back. Here's quick relief.

 Relieve Stress in Those Tense Neck Muscles
Slaving away at the keyboard makes your neck tense. Roll away that fatigue and stress.

 Shoulder Power
Build strong shoulders for sports with these easy lateral raises.

 Shoulder Strength
Strength in the posterior shoulder region is easy to build in a gym but difficult at your desk. Here's how.

 Shoulder Strength--By the Book
You don't need weights (or a gym) to tone running, swimming and cycling muscles.

 Squeeze Your Muscles for a Break
Thirty-second microbreaks help energize your body and take only half a minute! Squeeze your muscles for a great break.

 Straighten Up!
Here's another microbreak that will stretch and align your back, reduce tension and encourage you to sit up straight.

Reduce stress and improve productivity with this two-minute drill--and never leave your desk!

 Stretch Away Hand and Wrist Problems
Typing for hours strains hands and wrists. Make them feel better now.

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