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Beginning Cross-Training
You've heard of those events where crazy people swim then bike then run--all in a row. You're intrigued, even interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. If you want to get in shape using a few different sports, here's your training program! This three-month schedule combines cross training with modest time and intensity goals. You'll do a mix of types of training in swimming, cycling and running, as well as strength training. And in three months, who knows what you'll be ready for?

Easy 7K
All your friends are training for 5K and 10K runs, and you just have to be different. Or maybe you're the moderate type, looking for something longer than a 5K but shorter than a 10K. Try this easy 7K (4.3-mile) training program. If you can already run two miles, you can train for a 7K race in six weeks. You'll enjoy the variety of workouts -- hill training, mile repeats, "negative splits," cross-training, and strength work. On some days you'll even go shopping as your workout!"

General Tips
The Small-Bowl Solution
If you're trying to cut down the amount of food you eat, try using smaller bowls and plates. If you put a small portion on a big plate, your eye will tell your mind that there's not much food. You'll feel hungry and unsatisfied. But if you put the same amount of food on a small plate, it will look like much more nourishment and the meal will feel more substantial.
Weight Loss Your Goal? Exercise to Build Muscle
Unlike aerobic exercise that burns calories primarily during the exercise session itself, strength training boosts your metabolism throughout the entire day and night. Muscle tissue actively burns calories. The greater your muscle mass, the more calories you burn.

Buyer's Guide
Cushioned-Stability Shoes

These shoes combine dependable shock-dampening with a variety of devices designed to reduce the debilitating effects of pronation (the natural rolling of the foot to the inside) focusing on two key features: stability and cushioning.

  • Stability Features: To stabilize the rear foot and help the foot follow a straight line through its gait, shoes often include reinforced heel counters, hard-plastic arch supports, dense foam on the medial (inside) part of the midsole. Most, but not all, also sew the bottom of the upper to thin boards in the rear part of the footbed (known as a "combination last"). Saucony's Sovereign uses a less rigid "slip" last (in which the bottom ends of the upper material wrap around the bottom of the foot and are sewn together), but adds stability by making the entire shoe on a straight foot platform, not curved like all others.
  • Cushioning Features: Shoes at the $85 price point generally have rear-foot and forefoot cushioning systems. Cheaper shoes, with the exception of the Adidas Poseidon, only include rear-foot cushioning.

While cushioned-stability shoes have a wide appeal, they aren't for everyone. Here's the lowdown on some other types and what they're good for:

  • Motion-control shoes have extreme stability features for heavier runners and those with severe over-pronation and flat feet.
  • Cushioned trainers are for runners at the other end of the spectrum, those with perfect biomechanics who need shock absorption but no stability. These shoes are typically intended for running on pavement.
  • Lightweight racing shoes are for serious competitors willing to sacrifice durability and a forgiving feel to cut weight on race day.
  • Trail shoes, designed with deep-tread soles and water-repellant materials, are often overbuilt making them not so good for everyday road running but great for the rigors of off-road runs. They also nest the feet slightly lower in the shoe, to give the runner better "feel" on the trail's uneven surface. Many have wider outsoles to provide additional stability.
Buying Tips
  • Wear your old shoes into the store: "Salespeople at a running specialty store can analyze your gait by looking at the wear patterns on your shoes," says Alberto Salazar, the three-time New York City Marathon winner.
  • Don't cut cushioning: Frank Shorter, the marathon gold medallist at the '72 Munich Olympics and the silver medallist in '76 in Montreal, says it's wise to pay a little more for better cushioning."
  • Pass on the close-outs: "Also don't buy models on close-out," Shorter adds. "EVA (a common midsole cushioning foam) breaks down after six months, even on the shelf."
  • Make sure it fits: "Comfort is king," says Shorter. "If it doesn't feel right, and the salesman says, 'don't worry, they'll break-in,' hand him the shoes...and immediately walk out of the store."

Treadmill Review
"Best Buy" Rating from Treadmill Doctor In the 2005 treadmill ratings, the Smooth 7.1HR (sold out! upgrade to Smooth 7.1 HR Pro) received the highest rating from the professionals at Treadmill Doctor. They stated, "Now with a track record, this power fold model from Smooth has taken its place at the top of the $1500 range." In addition they rated the Smooth 5.15 (sold out! upgrade to Smooth 5.25) as "Excellent" in value and called it, "One of the best treadmills on the market less than $1000."

Top 10 Treadmills
Runner's World rated the Smooth Treadmill as one of the Top 10 Treadmills! Smooth earned high ratings for stability, which Runner's World considered the most important treadmill attribute.

Runner's World Best Buy Running Shoes
Adidas Response Extra. The Extra is an exceptional value. Although it doesn't offer as much high-end shock-absorbing foam as the Supernova, the Extra feels firmer and has the same amount of support, protection, and motion control.
Wear-testers Say: "The shoe was very durable with good traction and excellent cushioning. It's also nice to see a women's model that isn't pink or light blue."

Runner's World Shoe Review
Asics Gel-Nimbus VI
One of the shoes that defines the neutral-cushioned category, the venerable Nimbus is built on a new last (foot form) that results in a more snug fit in the heel and a roomier forefoot. The midsole is virtually the same as its predecessor, the only change being the addition of a bit more GEL in the heel for greater impact protection. (Our Shoe Lab tests confirmed this change.) Recommended for lighter-weight runners who favor a shoe that emphasizes cushioning over stability.

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