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Day 005 - Stretching

Rest        Training via ActiveMail

REST: No walking today; take the day completely off. Stretching is very important to increase your flexibility and help prevent injuries. On rest days, stretch at a time of day when you're really warmed up -- like at the end of your day rather than first thing in the morning. On run/walk days, stretch at the end of your run/walk, after your heart rate slows down a little bit but while you're still warm. Try to include stretches for the front and back of your thighs and for your calves; also do some low-back, chest, arm, and shoulder stretches. If you're not sure how to stretch these areas, check out Sport Stretch by Michael J. Alter, available from Human Kinetics at http://www.humankinetics.com/Products/showproduct.hk?productid=PALT0823&associate=1 ). And watch for more detailed stretching information right here on ActiveRoute, coming soon!