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Day 075 - Track Day

WUMain Set: 3 x 4 x 200 with full recoveryWD        Training via ActiveMail

Standard WU

* 1-2 miles easy jogging,

* stretch,

* 4 x 100 easy, relaxed strides, 2 x 100 fast strides.

Main Set

* 3 x 4 x 200 meters with as much recovery as you'd like, but no less than 200 meters slow jog between 200's and a slow 2 laps between sets.

* Keep the 200's between 35 and 40 secs, if you are aiming for that sub 6 pace; add 2-3 secs per 200 for every 30 seconds slower per mile you are aiming to run.

* Try to make sure the last 200 in each set is the fastest.

* It's really important to focus on visualizing yourself as a fast, smooth, strong runner. This should be of primary importance here on out.

Standard WD