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» 4:00 Marathon
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Day 002 - The 4:00 time goal marathon (OK, get your shoes on! )

40-50 minute run        Training via ActiveMail

FOR TODAY'S WORKOUT, RUN FOR 40-50 MINUTES: This is one of two to four shorter running sessions you'll do each week to maintain and fine-tune the endurance you develop on your weekly long runs. Your goal in this training program is to run a marathon in exactly four hours. This time goal will dictate the speed of your training runs so that you don't go too fast. For a 4:00 marathon goal, you'll run each mile in 9 minutes, 10 seconds. These per-mile times are called your "mile splits." (When the notorious Rosie Ruiz "won" the 1980 Boston Marathon, TV commentator Kathrine Switzer asked Ruiz what her splits were. Ruiz replied, "What are splits?" That confirmed for Switzer that Ruiz was an impostor!)