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Day 007 - Position # 562

Flexibility never hurts in the bedroom. Take a Yoga class or stretch for at least a half-hour.        Training via ActiveMail

THERE'S NO ARGUING THE FACT THAT FLEXIBILITY EARNS EXTRA BONUS POINTS IN THE BEDROOM, FOR BOYS AND GIRLS ALIKE. So you've been doing your push-ups, working on your stamina, and are starting to feel like a true sex machine. Today we'll target the third element: flexibility. Either sign up for a Yoga/stretch class, or better yet, find a partner to help you stretch out those sore muscles. You might want to invest in a Yoga for Beginners video tape for guidance. Spend extra time on your hip flexors, hamstrings, and inner thighs: one trick is to lie on the floor with your legs up against a wall, and spread the legs far to each side (keeping them against the wall,) using gravity to stretch them out. If you managed to find a partner, experiment with ways to stretch each other out in all the right places; just be careful not to push too hard. And take nice, deep breaths the whole time.