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Day 002 - Overdistance (OD) training and endurance (EN) training

40-minute overdistance bike (level 1) and 25-minute endurance run (level 2)        Training via ActiveMail

YOU HAVE TWO WORKOUTS TODAY. WORKOUT 1: DO AN OVERDISTANCE (OD) RIDE FOR 40 MINUTES AT LEVEL 1 INTENSITY: Overdistance sessions are the foundation of the SERIOUS system. Overdistance sessions are longer-duration, lower-intensity sessions which encourage the development of a strong aerobic system and enhance the body's ability to burn fats as a fuel source. The key to OD training is to make it fun and, in particular, easy. Remember that level 1 intensity is "conversation" pace (60-70% of your max heart rate), so you should be able to talk while doing OD training. Take some time between your bike ride and the run in Workout 2. These are not supposed to be back-to-back training sessions; you'll do those later in the program. FOR WORKOUT 2, DO AN ENDURANCE (EN) RUN FOR 25 MINUTES AT LEVEL 2 INTENSITY: Endurance training is done at a slightly higher intensity than OD training. During the first 5-10 minutes of your run, gradually work up to a level 2 intensity (70-75% of MHR). EN training will improve your aerobic capacity and musculoskeletal strength. It's tempting to think that if EN is harder than OD it's better for you, but resist the temptation to bump up the intensity of your OD sessions. Remember, each type of training is important in improving your level of fitness. EN sessions are designed to get your body ready for the faster, high-intensity training that comes later in the program, and to serve as the warm-ups and cool-downs for the harder training.