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» Intermediate Gym-based cardio and strength training
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Day 046 - Mixin' it up

WU 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each. SERIES 1: triceps pressdowns ( 2 count hold,) back extensions (3 count raise/lower,) push-ups; SERIES 2: fly machine (3 count hold,) triceps kickbacks (2 count hold,) Swiss ball abs; SERIES 3: pull-ups, bench press (halfway up, down, all the way up, down,) obliques abs. Stretch.        Training via ActiveMail

TODAY WE TARGET YOUR TRICEPS, BACK, AND CHEST. 2 sets each exercise, 12 reps each. After your warmup, move over to the cables for SERIES 1. Start with a set of triceps pressdowns (remember to keep your elbows by your sides.) 2 count hold at the bottom. Mix in a set of back extensions (for your lower back: raise/lower on a slow 3 count,) and finish with a set of 20 push-ups (keeping your lower back flat, lowering your chest between your hands.) After repeating this series, head to the fly machine for SERIES 2. After completing a perfect set (hold for 3 counts when the pads touch,) then hit a bench for triceps kickbacks. (2 count hold on the extension.) Perform abs on a Swiss ball while holding a plate, and repeat all 3 exercises. Finally, for SERIES 3, go for a set of pull-ups (either with the Gravitron or unaided.) Next, go to a bench for a set of regular bench press (halfway up, all the way down, extend all the way up, all the way down to your chest.) Then finish with abs for your obliques at the slant board. Repeat the series and stretch.