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Day 002 - Starting out easy

1-mile run/walk        Training via ActiveMail

RUN/WALK FOR ONE MILE: You may not have done much (or any) running before. So you're going to start with a run/walk rather than a straight run. "Run/walk" means to alternate running and walking: warm up with a brisk walk, then run until you're a little tired, then walk to recover, then run, etc. If you can't cover a full mile today, rest tomorrow, then repeat today's workout the day after tomorrow; and continue repeating this workout every other day, alternating run/walk days with rest days, until you can cover a mile. If you can cover a whole mile today, just follow the schedule as-is. Not sure how far a mile is? There are several ways to find out. You can do four laps around the inside lane of the local high school or college track; each lap is 1/4 mile. This can be a bit dull, but it's accurate! Another way is to drive your route in your car using the trip odometer or ride it on a bike with a cyclecomputer. Odometers and cyclecomputers are both fairly accurate -- you won't get an exact reading but it'll be close enough. Or get a pedometer, a pocket-sized device that measures the distance you cover as you walk it.