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Day 001 - Your training begins!

Rest (optional 15-minute walk)        Training via ActiveMail

REST OR TAKE A 15-MINUTE WALK: Welcome to your 5K training program! You can use this eight-week program either to train for an actual 5K event, or just to get in shape with a nice, low-key, introductory schedule. You're probably thinking, "Why am I starting with a rest day? That's weird!" The reason is that in the weeks to come, you'll need this easy day on Day 1 of each training week to make sure you're completely rested from the previous training week. Don't be alarmed -- that doesn't mean your training will be brutal! It's just important to alternate work days and rest days. We'll talk more about the importance of rest in a later workout. For now, if you really want to get out and do something today, take an easy 15-minute walk. Don't push it beyond that, because tomorrow you'll be doing a 1-mile run/walk.