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Day 003 - Your first track workout

4 400-meter repeats        Training via ActiveMail

TODAY IS A TRACK WORKOUT: To help you monitor your workout intensity in this program, we'll often suggest a target level of effort. The target is based on a scale of 1 to 10, which is a subjective scale of how hard you feel you're working. Level 1 should feel super easy, while 10 should be an all-out effort. For today's workout, find a track at your local high school or college. Most tracks are 400 meters around the inside lane. Four laps of a metric track is just short of a mile. Start out by jogging about 15 minutes to warm up, and stretch. Then run 4 x 400 repeats at a level 6-7 effort. What this means is: run a 400 (one lap of the track) at a level 6-7 pace, then recover by jogging a lap. Then run another 400, jog another 400 to recover, and continue until you have run a total of four fast 400s. Now jog another 15 minutes and stretch to cool down. You'll see the term "repeats" again in this workout; it just means a specific distance that you run several times with a rest or recovery between efforts.