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Day 001 - First day: rest!

Rest        Training via ActiveMail

IT'S A REST DAY: Welcome to your 10-mile race training program! This program is for runners with some racing experience, particularly those who have already completed a 10K and want to try a longer race. Each week you will do one long run and two of the following high-intensity workouts: intervals, tempo runs, or hill repeats. If you already have experience with this type of training, do both high-intensity sessions, just as the schedule calls for. However, if you've never done this kind of high-intensity running, do only one of the two high-intensity workouts each week. Replace the other one with a one-hour run. Also, if you need to, you can switch your workouts around to accommodate your work or family schedule. If you do this, BE SURE to allow adequate rest -- you need 24-48 hours between the intense or hard runs. Always consult with your physician before starting any physical training program. You can start this program on any day of the week, but for best results, start on a Saturday (that is, today should be a Saturday). That's because the program includes several races, including one tomorrow, and these are usually held on Sundays. Today is a "rest" day, meaning a day that you take completely off from any training (as opposed to "recovery" days, which include easy running or cross training). We're taking today off because you're racing tomorrow to get your 10K time.