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Day 007 - When to do long runs

Long run: 60 minutes at 60% MHR or 10K race at 70-80% MHR        Training via ActiveMail

TODAY IS YOUR LONG RUN: RUN FOR 60 MINUTES AT 60% MHR OR RUN A 10K RACE AT 70-80% MHR: You may wish to set up your program so that this long workout falls on Saturday, with a rest day on Sunday. Most people find it easier to fit their long runs in on the weekends. You can switch the Saturday long workout with the Sunday rest day in order to accommodate family obligations or any 5K or 10K races that you decide to substitute for the long run (most 5K and 10K races are held on Sunday rather than Saturday). As the weather cools off, you may find yourself wishing for some good cold-weather running clothes.