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Day 003 - How to take your pulse

25-minute run at 70% MHR        Training via ActiveMail

TODAY, RUN 25 MINUTES AT 70% of YOUR MHR: When you begin your workout, do so by jogging easily. Don't run out the door in a flash. Take your pulse (heart beats per minute) just before you start exercising. Take it again about 5 minutes into the workout, then 15 minutes into the workout, and every 15 minutes after that. To take your pulse, you can either 1.) place the tip of your index finger over the inside of your wrist on the other hand (hint: feel below the thumb side), or 2.) place your middle and index finger against one of the pulse points in your neck (hint: feel for your adams apple and move to one side or the other about 1 inch and feel for your pulse). Count the number of beats. To minimize the disruption to your workout, take your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 for a quick estimate. For an easier and more accurate method of checking your heart-rate, I'd recommend you consider investing in a heart-rate monitor (HRM). These small devices are easy to put on or take off, and transmit your heart rate to a watch-like readout you wear on your wrist. I would recommend the POLAR Pacer NV($130). It's got a variety of helpful functions for a very reasonable price.