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Day 007 - Active Rest Day

30-60 minutes of active rest        Training via ActiveMail

This is the day to find an alternative fitness activity, ideally something that gets you off your feet. A pool is probably your best choice, an easy bike ride (NO spin classes) is not bad. A nice walk, a fitness class or something similar is ok. If weightlifting has been a regular part of your fitness routine for some time, this would be a good time to do a workout. Just stay away from any heavy lifting on your legs and focus on higher reps, lowers weights on everything else. If you haven't been doing weights or just added them to your fitness program, don't add them in now. Wait until you finish this program. If you would rather take Friday as a complete rest day, and have Sunday as an active rest day, that's fine. Listen to your body and what works best for your life. It's also ok if you want to take two full rest days within a given 7day cycle and skip the active rest. It's important to be ready to go on Saturday.