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Day 003 - Track Day

WU: 1-2 miles easy jog, stretch and 6 x 100m strides. Main Set: 4 x 800 with 2 lap recoveryWD: 4 x 100 easy strides, 100 sit-ups, and 1-2 miles very easy jog        Training via ActiveMail

I like track training best because you can be certain of the distances and the time, but if you have a marked trail or large field that can work as well.

Standard Warm-Up (should be followed anywhere in program where it says "WU"):

* 1-2 miles easy jogging,

* stretch,

* 4 x 100 easy, relaxed strides, 2 x 100 fast strides.

Main Set:

* 4 x 800 meters with a 2 lap jog in between each 800.

* The goal time for the first 3 800's should be 5 secs faster than your mile pace for your goal 5k. So if your goal is sub 18:45, (ie to break 6-minute mile pace), your mile pace needs to be just under 6 minutes per mile and your 800 pace for this workout should be 2:55.

* The 4th 800 should be as fast as you can make it, but not slower than your goal pace. If you are having trouble maintaining goal pace, take more rest....as much as you need to maintain the pace. NOTE: if you are having trouble running at or near your goal pace, don't worry about it this week, just run at about 85% maximum effort. If after three full weeks of this program your body has not adjusted to running these goal times, you should probably reevaluate your immediate 5k goals.

Standard Warm-Down (should be followed anywhere in program where is says WD):

* Run easy 4 x 100 easy strides, concentrate on good, relaxed technique (envision any good runner you have seen and imagine you are that person),

* Do 100 sit-ups of any kind,

* Finish with a very easy 1-2 mile run (I would do 1 mile...I add that second mile in there for you mileage freaks).

* Drink lots of and/or sport drink. If you don't drink a sports drink make sure you get in some carbos within 30 minutes to replace the glycogen lost during the workout.