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Day 007 - An elevating experience

4-6 hills (5-7 miles total)        Training via ActiveMail

FOR TODAY'S WORKOUT, GO RUN UP 4-6 HILLS (5-7 miles total): Start with a very slow 1- to 2-mile warm-up. Pick a hill that is 200 to 800 meters long, with a very gentle grade. Run up and over the top of the hill with a smooth, continuous effort; walk down. NEVER sprint or run all out; just maintain the higher rate at which your feet are touching down each minute. Today you'll start with a few hills, adding 1 or 2 to each hill workout later in the program. If you are ever feeling especially tired or sore, don't increase the number of hills you run. Back off instead! (Note: In this training program, several of your Sunday runs will include a series of hills or a 5K race, but the day's total mileage goal is more than that of these components alone. For example, your total mileage today should be 6 to 7 miles, including the warm-up, warm-down, hill distance, and any other running you do during the session. On these days your total mileage goal is shown in parentheses.)