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Day 001 - Base training

0-2 mile run        Training via ActiveMail

FOR TODAY'S WORKOUT, RUN UP TO 2 MILES: This program is a training "pyramid": a cycle in which each stage builds to the next over 32 weeks. The peak of the pyramid is your goal, the 38-minute 10K. The bottom half of the pyramid is "base training." For the first 16 weeks you'll be doing easy daily runs with long runs every other week. Run at a comfortable speed; if you're in doubt, go slower. Your target mileage today is 0 to 2 -- that means run the distance that feels right to you. Do more if you're feeling good, less if you're having an off-day. (The "0" miles means you can take the day off entirely if you really have to, that is, if you're feeling really tired or bad.)