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Day 001 - Welcome to your training program!

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Welcome to the 100 days to a marathon training program! This program is based on the SERIOUS training system. SERIOUS is an acronym for different types of training that you will be doing during this program. S = speed work, E = endurance, R = race pace, I = intervals, O = overdistance, U = up or hill intervals, S = strength. Don't be intimidated by the terminology; it's actually quite simple. Each type of training has a particular objective and level of intensity. There are 5 levels of intensity. Level 1 is the easiest at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate (MHR), this is also called conversation pace. Level 2 is 70-75% of your MHR, level 3 is 75-80% MHR, level 4 is 80-90% MHR and level 5 is 90-100% MHR. To determine MHR, 220-age for men and 226-age for women will give you a fair estimate, although a stress or VO2max test will provide an exact value. This program is designed for walkers and runners, just use the appropriate HR zones for each workout. For some of you that may mean walking some workouts and running others. To get the most from this program it is strongly recommended that you consult advanced training books for endurance athletes.