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Day 005 - Get Hot & Sweaty

WU 5 min. Jumprope: 10 min. Ellip. Trainer: 10 min. Treadmill:10 min. CD 5 min. & stretch.        Training via ActiveMail

OKAY, FOLKS, STAMINA TIME AGAIN. FORTY MORE MINUTES OF INTENSE, HOT, SWEATY CARDIO. Let's start the day with a little JUMPROPE http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/bin/forward.jsp?q=1:1:1:1.9|4:1:1:1.1AT&bc=0:1:1:1.0!0:1:1:1.4!1:1:1:1.9!4:1:1:1.1AT

(I don't know why, but there's something very sexy about the jumprope. I think it's the association with boxers.) After a 5 minute warm-up of your choice, jump for ten minutes, building up a steady rhythm as you take nice, deep, even breaths. For the next 10 minutes, try a NORDIC TRAC or ELLIPTICAL TRAINER: again, focusing on your rhythm (rhythm is everything): keep the pace smooth and even. Finally, 10 minutes on the TREADMILL, either running or walking at a good pace. If you're working hard enough, you should feel a warm endorphin rush flood your skin; mmm, enjoy it. Cooldown for 5 minutes and stretch.