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Day 004 - Hard as steel

Warm-up (WU) 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each exercise: SERIES 1: Straight bar preacher curls (3 count raise/lower,) one-arm dumbbell triceps extensions, ab crunches on Swiss ball; reclining cable biceps curls (stop at halfway point,) reclining abs, triceps cable pressdowns (3 count hold). Stretch        Training via ActiveMail

WANNA FEEL SEXY? GET TO WORK ON THOSE ARMS! Personally, I think there's no greater turn-on than a really toned set of biceps and triceps. So let's get to work on yours. Two series today, three exercises each series, two sets each (10-12 reps.) Remember, if you have any questions about your form, put in a special request for help from that hotty that works for the gym. SERIES 1: Let's begin with a set of preacher curls. Using a straight bar, raise and lower slowly (3 counts up, 3 down) while keeping your armpits pressed against the pad. Next, lying on a bench, raise and lower a dumbbell (one arm at a time) in a tricep extension. Keep your lower back flat, palm facing the ceiling, elbow pointing to the ceiling as your forearm moves. Finally, a set of ab curls on a Swiss ball (or on the floor if your gym is ball-less.) Repeat each exercise, and move on down for SERIES 2. At the same bench you performed the seated rows on, lie down flat, holding a straight bar. Perform a set of reclining biceps curls, pausing at the halfway point as you raise and lower the weight (notice how many exercises we're doing lying down? Practice, people, practice!!) Next, drop the weight, grab the bench behind your head, and execute a set of the same reclining abs we did on Day 1 (curl your bent knees in to your chest and lower slowly.)Then standing up, grasping the ball & rope attachment firmly, a set of triceps pressdowns. Hold for three counts at the bottom, palms turned to face the floor, then release. Make sure your elbows remain tightly by your sides throughout the exercise. Repeat each, and stretch.