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Day 002 - Shake that booty

WU 5 min. Treadmill: 10 min Gauntlet: 10 min. Rower: 10 min. Cool-down (CD) 5 min. & stretch.        Training via ActiveMail

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF A HEALTHY SEX LIFE IS (HOPEFULLY) STAMINA: LET'S WORK ON YOURS. FOR TODAY'S WORKOUT, YOU'LL BE DOING 40 MINUTES OF "MIXED" CARDIO. Try not to think of it as exercise, but a way to improve blood flow to the parts of you that will need it most. Begin by warming up on the TREADMILL. After five minutes, crank it up a few notches until you are walking or running at a comfortable pace (you should still be able to breath regularly; remember, there's nothing sexy about gasping for air.) After 10 minutes, it's time to get those gluts in shape. Head over to the GAUNTLET (the stairmaster with real stairs, and quite possibly the best cardio machine ever invented.) Spend 10 minutes climbing at an even pace: try to visualize ascending to a warm, candlelit bedroom. Finally, hit the ROWER. Row with steady, smooth strokes for ten minutes, then head back to the TREADMILL for a 5 minute cooldown. Ease yourself into a five minute stretch of the major muscle groups in your legs: quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.