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Day 007 - On the Mountain Bike again

Mountain Bike 1 hour, 10 minutes with 3 x 2-minute climbs at 95% effort.        Training via ActiveMail

MOUNTAIN BIKE: One hour, 10 minutes. Ride on fire roads. Do at least 3 climbs of 2 minutes each within the ride, playing with balance and efficiency. Push each climb up to 95% effort. On each climb, lean your upper body forward while sitting to help keep your front wheel from popping up. On the straight downhills put your weight on your pedals when you hit bumps, using your knees as shock absorbers. This allows you to be ready to lift your butt off the saddle slightly when you hit bumps. Keep your weight back on the saddle on the downhills.

Remember to stretch afterwards, focusing particularly on your quads after a tough ride