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Day 001 - Welcome to your Hi-Tec program

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Welcome to eight weeks of a new adventure! Training for a Hi-Tec adventure race requires a combination of consistent cardiovascular and strength training, learning the technical skills (mountain biking, paddling) involved to be able to complete the event, and a sense of creativity and fun. Rather than falling into a predictable pattern of daily workouts, try to keep your training fresh by exploring a new trail or park. If you're a New Yorker and run the Big Loop through Central Park every day, then take off and explore the backside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Shakespeare Garden. If you live in San Francisco and run along the Marina every morning, go get lost in the Presidio.

Adventure Racers thrive on adapting to change, tackling adversity, and being in unfamiliar situations. A free-form approach to training allows you the open-mindedness you'll need to accept novel challenges within races. I invite you to use this training to explore those areas where you live that you've always wanted to check out. And don't forget to bring your dog. My dog Gryphon is always a willing training partner on runs, never complains, doesn't eat much, and can go forever!

Details: This training schedule is recommended for a moderately fit person. If you can jog/hike a few miles and ride your bike a bit give it a shot. If you are an intermediate level athlete, push the distances and intensity a bit. From an intensity-level perspective, workouts are defined on a Perceived Exertion (PE) basis of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely comfortable and 10 being max effort.