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Day 005 - Week One: the Home Stretch

New activity or: WU 5 min. Gauntlet: 10 min. Ellip. Trainer: 10 min. Treadmill:10 min. CD 5 min. & stretch.        Training via ActiveMail

WE'RE BACK ON CARDIO TODAY FOR THE HOME STRETCH OF WEEK ONE. Since you've been so diligent this week, why not treat yourself to a new experience? A Tai-Bo class, salsa dancing, rock climbing, or ultimate frisbee are all great options. Either sign up for something that you used to enjoy, or try something you've always dreamed of doing. Just make sure you enjoy it for at least 30 to 45 minutes, and that it gets your heart pumping (not too fast, though; you might want to invest in a heart rate monitor to be on the safe side). If the gym is the most convenient way for you to go, spend the first 5 minutes warming up on either the TREADMILL or the STATIONARY BIKE. Stepping off, head for the GAUNTLET: the Stairmaster that's composed of REAL STAIRS. (If your gym doesn't have one of these, you can substitute the STAIRMASTER.) Climb those stairs for 10 minutes at a steady pace, taking nice, deep breaths. Stepping off, head for the ELLIPTICAL TRAINER (or a NORDIC TRAC) and glide for another 10 minutes. Finish with a 10-minute walk/jog on the TREADMILL, which leads nicely into a 5-minute cooldown. As always, take the time to stretch out those muscles that worked so hard for you this week. And congratulate yourself on finishing Week One: you've taken the all-important first step towards a longer and healthier life!