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» 2-Month Introduction to Heart Rate Training
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Day 002 - Submaximum test #1

Chair Test to determine your maximum heart rate        Training via ActiveMail

During each of the following three days, you will take a submaximum test. After finishing each easy activity, calculate your estimated or predicted maximum heart rate and save your heart rate number.

Sub Max Test #1: The Chair Test


Take any height and type of chair and for 60 seconds stand up and sit down 30 times.

At the end of the 1 minute exercise period, count your heart rate with a Polar heart rate monitor or manually (called manual palpation) by feeling your pulse in your wrist or the artery in the side of your next (the carotid artery). Record the highest heart rate number at the end of the 60-second period.


Add to your highest heart rate number one of the following numbers based on your estimate of your current fitness level:

Poor: + 20 bpm

Average: + 40 bpm

Excellent: + 60 bpm

My maximum heart rate determined by this test:

Heart Rate from STEP 1 + Heart Rate from STEP 2 = Estimated maximum heart rate (maxHR)

Keep track of this number. You'll need to use this number, your estimated maximum heart rate, in a couple of days.