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Day 007 - Strength (ST) training

20-minute strength-training routine (level 1)        Training via ActiveMail

DO 20 MINUTES OF STRENGTH (ST) TRAINING AT LEVEL 1 INTENSITY (60-70% of MHR): Follow the same guidelines for this strength workout as you did three days ago. Do a combination of general strength exercises, and do 2-3 sets of 20-25 reps. Use about 50% of your 1-repetition maximum as the weight. Remember, if this is all new to you, hire a personal trainer for 1-2 sessions! It's well worth the investment because it will increase the effectiveness of your workouts and greatly reduce your risk of injury. Good exercises include hip extensions (squats), bench presses, seated rows, abdominal crunches, lat (latissimus dorsi) pulldowns, leg extensions, leg raises, triceps presses, and leg curls.