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Day 006 - Uphill training (UP)

15-minute uphill run (level 4)        Training via ActiveMail

DO A 15-MINUTE UPHILL (UP) RUN AT LEVEL 4 INTENSITY (80-90% MHR): Uphill training is designed to improve your ability to climb and to improve strength in your running and cycling muscles. UP sessions are done as intervals, with periods of work followed by rest. Warm up for 10-15 minutes with easy- to moderate-paced running. Find a moderately steep hill and run up for two minutes, keeping your heart rate at level 4. "Moderately steep" means a 3-6% grade, both for cycling and running. What this means is that the hill should be gradual enough so that you can still run or ride, but steep enough that you know you are climbing. Your speed will probably drop by 50% from your pace on the flat. Rest for one minute by jogging back down the hill. Repeat this sequence five times. Cool down for 10 minutes by jogging or walking.