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Day 005 - Weekly pattern for training

40-minute overdistance bike (level 1)        Training via ActiveMail

DO AN OVERDISTANCE (OD) RIDE FOR 40 MINUTES AT LEVEL 1 INTENSITY (60-70% of MHR): This program is designed so that your longer training sessions (which are usually OD sessions) are on the weekends. You may choose to change days, but keep in mind that a hard/easy pattern is the best plan. After a hard or long day, make sure the next day or next two days are fairly easy. Improvements in fitness come from doing the right kinds of training combined with getting enough rest. If you haven't yet invested in a heart rate monitor (HRM), I suggest you do. It will track your heartrate and transmit it to a watch-like device you wear on your wrist. The HRM will provide constant feedback to help you stay within the recommended heart zone for all of your workouts.