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Day 004 - EN swimming and strength (ST) training

25-minute endurance swim (level 2) and 20-minute strength-training routine (level 1)        Training via ActiveMail

YOU HAVE TWO WORKOUTS TODAY. WORKOUT 1: DO A 25-MINUTE ENDURANCE (EN) SWIM AT LEVEL 2 INTENSITY (70-75% of MHR): Either do this workout continuously or break it up. To break it up, swim 300-400 meters, rest 15-30 seconds, then repeat the sequence for 25 minutes. Keep the intensity at level 2, even if it means swimming slowly. Swimming performance is largely determined by technique. Even as your level of fitness improves, you won't get that much faster if your technique is poor. Hook up with a swim coach or masters swim program to get instruction and workout suggestions. Take some time between the swim and your strength training workout. WORKOUT 2: DO 20 MINUTES OF STRENGTH (ST) TRAINING AT LEVEL 1 (60-70% MHR). ST work is an important part of endurance training. Recent scientific studies have shown that athletes' performances improve when strength training is part of their training. Do a combination of general strength exercises. Do 2-3 sets of 20-25 reps. (A "rep" is one single repetition of the exercise; a "set" is a group of reps done without resting.) Use about 50% of your 1-repetition maximum (the most weight you can lift once). If you're new to strength training, we strongly recommend that you spend a session or two with a qualified personal trainer. It's also good to start with weights that you know are light enough that you won't get injured. Strength training can be dangerous if not done correctly and carefully! Good strength exercises include hip extensions (squats), bench presses, seated rows, abdominal crunches, lat (latissimus dorsi) pulldowns, leg extensions, leg raises, triceps presses, and leg curls.