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Day 005 - More about shoes

60-minute walk (3.5-3.6 miles)        Training via ActiveMail

BLOCK 18: WALK FOR 60 MINUTES WITH A DISTANCE GOAL OF 3.5 TO 3.6 MILES: Today you're doing a Block 18 workout! Listen to your body and see how it goes. Remember to warm up, stretch, and cool down exactly like you did for Block 17. If you don't remember the details of warming up and cooling down. More about shoes: if your current walking shoes don't meet the minimum requirements we talked about yesterday, go out and buy a pair. For this purchase, it's really better to go to a shop that specializes in shoes; a good running shoe store is your best bet. You're more likely to get help from someone who knows how to select a shoe to accommodate your feet, gait (how you step, walk, and run), and specific sport. Save the sales and mega-stores for your clothing purchases.