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Day 004 - Good shoes are important

Rest day        Training via ActiveMail

IT'S A REST DAY: How did you feel after yesterday's walk? If you met your time and distance goals and weren't too tired an hour later, you can move up to Block 18 tomorrow! Block 18 is not a big jump up from Block 17; it's just a few minutes and a few tenths of a mile longer. But if you're not ready for Block 18 yet, that's fine too. The most important part of this program is to listen to your body; don't try to push yourself too fast. Think of your long-term goals and give yourself as much time as you'll need. Ultimately you'll make better progress and will be at less risk of injury. For the rest of this week we're going to talk about your most important piece of walking equipment: shoes! It's essential that you have good shoes so that your increased activity level doesn't lead to injury. Don't think that "I'm only walking, so the shoes don't really matter that much." Good shoes are just as important to walkers as they are to runners. Don't try to walk in canvas tennis sneakers, racquetball shoes, or basketball shoes; they don't offer enough support. Jogging shoes or lightweight walking shoes provide excellent support. They have a multi-layered sole, a strong heel counter, and a flexible forefoot. The built-in arch supports are also helpful, especially if you have low arches.