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» Intermediate Gym-based cardio and strength training
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Day 004 - Back to the Wonderful World of Weights

WU 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps. SERIES 1: bench press ( 2 count hold), leg press machine (3 count lower/raise), abs (2 count hold); SERIES 2: one-armed seated rows (2 count hold), fly machine (3 count hold), back extensions. Stretch.        Training via ActiveMail

TODAY WE HIT THE LARGER MUSCLE GROUPS: UPPER AND LOWER BACK, CHEST, AND LEGS. Same modus operandi: 2 exercises each muscle group, 12 reps each. If at all possible, have a trainer or gym staff member review your form. Warm up for 5 minutes as you did on DAY 1. SERIES 1: Begin with a bench press, using either a straight bar or dumbbells. Keep your lower back flat on the bench throughout the exercise. Lower the bar directly above your chest, hold for two counts, and raise it back up. Next, move on to the leg press machine. Make sure that your feet are hip-width apart, toes pointed directly in front of you, never lowering past a 90 degree angle at the knee. Lower the weight down slowly, 3 counts down, 3 counts up, straightening the legs almost entirely (never lock out your knees.) Then perform a set of ab crunches on the Swiss ball (hold for 2 counts at the top of the crunch.) Repeat SERIES 1, resting when you feel tired or out of breath. SERIES 2: Try a set of seated rows (using the cables,) one arm at a time. Keep your back flat throughout, never arching or moving past a 90 degree bend at the waist. Hold the weight for 2 counts when your hand reaches your side, the lower the weight: 10 reps each side. Next move to the fly machine, squeezing the arms together for 3 counts in front of your chest before lowering the weight slowly. Keep your lower back pressed flat against the pad throughout the exercise. Lastly do a set of back extensions (for your lower back) either lying face-down on the floor, or on a special stand designed to support your hips and feet throughout the exercise. Ask a member of the gym staff to point this out and show you how it works. Repeat SERIES 2, making sure to stop frequently for a drink of water. End the workout with a five minute full body stretch.