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» 4-Week Summer Shape Up (for Women)
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Day 005 - Arms of steel

Warm-up (WU) 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each exercise: SERIES 1: triceps cable pressdowns, biceps cable curls, abs; SERIES 2: biceps preacher curls (x 12 each arm,) triceps dips on Gravitron, reclining abs. Stretch 5 min.        Training via ActiveMail

Today's Workout:

ENCORE! LET'S HIT THOSE BICEPS, TRICEPS, AND ABS ONE MORE TIME! Don't worry; training the same muscle groups twice in one week won't make you huge as long as you don't lift to failure (where you muscle actually "gives out.") In fact, twice a week should help them get with the program that much faster. Just a reminder: 2 sets each exercise, 12 reps each.


Do a set of triceps pressdowns using the rope & cables (attached to the top cable.) Stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent, elbows locked in by your side (you should only move your forearms up and down for this exercise; the rest of your body remains still.) Hold for a count at the bottom.

Now switch the rope to the bottom cable. In the same position, elbows locked by your sides, execute a series of biceps curls, separating the rope at the top (turn the palms to face the ceiling.)

Finish the series with a set of ab crunches either on the floor or on a Swiss ball, and repeat.


Perform a set of preacher curls at the preacher bench with one arm at a time holding a dumbbell. Make sure that your armpit is pressed against the pad, and your body is facing forward throughout the exercise.

After 12 reps/arm, head to the Gravitron machine for a set of supported dips. Bend the arm to a 90 degree angle as you lower your body down, then straighten.

Perform a set of ab crunches (lying down on a bench, curl your bent knees in to your chest and lower down, keeping the lower back flat.) Repeat SERIES 2,

Stretch for 5 min., and take a deep breath. Only three weeks to go!