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» 4-Week Summer Shape Up (for Women)
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Day 003 - My Left Leg

Warm-up (WU) 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each exercise: SERIES 1: squats, split squats, abs; SERIES 2: leg press machine (x 12 each leg), calf raises (x 12 each leg), abs. Stretch 5 min.        Training via ActiveMail

Today's Workout:

TODAY WE HIT THE LEGS! Make no mistake about it, those HAMSTRINGS, QUADS, and GLUTS can be shaped and toned as quickly as the rest of you. Same deal as before: 2 sets each exercise, 12 reps each set.


Tackle the squat rack (if the 45 lb bar looks too intimidating, start with a lighter straight bar.) Perform a perfect set of squats, keeping your body weight back over your heels and the bar below your neckbone. Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle, hold for a count, and straighten your legs (never "lock out" your knees.)

For the second set, grab some dumbbells and put one leg in front of the other for split squats. Legs should be far enough apart that when you squat down, both knees bend to a 90 degree angle. Perform 10 squats leading with your right leg, then 10 leading with your left, holding in your stomach and keeping your chest open, shoulders back to help you maintain your balance. Those gams should be burning by the last rep.

Give them a rest with a set of ab crunches, either lying on the floor or on a bench, and then repeat the series.


Saddle up on the leg press machine. Place one leg on the floor, and one on the platform. This way you're guaranteed to have equally strong legs. Raise and lower the weight, 12 reps with your left leg, and 12 with your right.

Dismounting, move on to standing calf raises, either using a machine or standing with one hand on the wall. Perform 12 reps with each leg (one at a time.)

Finish with ab crunches on the floor or on a Swiss ball, then repeat SERIES 2.

Stretch out those leg muscles, and picture yourself in a bikini bottom.