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 Advanced/Elite 5K

Day 078 - Rest Rest Rest
Rest Rest Rest

Day 079 - Track Day
Lite WUMain Set:2 x 4 x 200 with lots of recoveryLite WD

Day 080 - Feel good day
Feel good day: do what you need to do to get your head in the right place. (BUT this is not the time to try massage for the first time, or do anything else that you are not used to doing! This is not the time to experiment!)

Day 081 - Track Day
Lite WUMain Set:4 x 200 with full recoveryLite WD

Day 082 - Light Activity Day Or Total Rest Day
Light Activity Day Or Total Rest Day

Day 083 - Track Day
Lite WU

Main Set
1 x 1 mile at just below race pace (this should be the time you hit your first mile in during the race)
4 - 6 easy strides

Lite WD

Day 084 - Rest Day
Rest or VERY LITE run if you must.

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