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» Training Program » General Fitness » 2-Month Introduction to Heart Rate Training
 2-Month Introduction to Heart Rate Training

Day 043 - Power to the person
Workout by getting where you want to go under your own power.

Day 044 - Assigning heartzone training points
Establish your current number of heart zone training points and set future training point goals.

Day 045 - Two by twenty
Warmup. Build to your highest sustainable HR over 5 min. Hold for 20'. Recover (easy jog) for 5 min. and repeat.

Day 046 - More heart zone wisdom
Read 4 rules for heart rate training "newbies."

Day 047 - Climb as high as you can
After warming up, start at 60% of your maxHR and increase by a "quarter zone" every 2 min. Exercise continuously for 30 min.

Day 048 - Read and stretch.
Read article on non-cardio day training. Stretch 15-30 min. wearing your hr monitor.

Day 049 - Endurance self test #2
Maintain highest sustainable HR over a fixed distance in your favorite activity (same as 2 weeks ago). Record highest av. HR, distance and time in your log. Lower av. heart rate = increased fitness.

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