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» Training Program » General Fitness » 4-Week Summer Shape Up (for Women)
 4-Week Summer Shape Up (for Women)

Day 015 - Halfway home
WU 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each. SERIES 1: standing biceps hammer curls, triceps kickbacks, reclining abs; SERIES 2: biceps cable curls, triceps cable pressdowns, ab crunches; SERIES 3: triceps dips, declining abs. Stretch 5 min.

Day 016 - The Zen of Lifting
Aim for a balance of strength between opposing muscle groups.

Day 017 - Gam-a-rama
WU 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each. SERIES 1: Split squats, calf raises, ab crunches; SERIES 2: leg press machine, hamstring curl machine; SERIES 3: squats, decline board crunches. Stretch 5 min.

Day 018 - Protein-a-plenty
Get at least three servings of protein/day to help your body rebuild muscle tissue.

Day 019 - Three-in-one
WU 5 min. 2 sets x 12 reps each. SERIES 1: Preacher curls, leg adductor machine, ab crunches; SERIES 2: triceps extensions, leg abductor machine, reclining abs; SERIES 3: concentration curls, open-toed squats, ab crunches. Stretch 5 min.

Day 020 - Steady as she goes
Always lift with control in a smooth, fluid motion, never using momentum.

Day 021 - No gain with pain
While there is some discomfort associated with strength training, you should never try to "work through" a sharp pain.

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