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Chefs Diet (Zone Diet Delivery)

Zonediet Meals delivered straight to your Doorstep
ChefsDiet.com (a.k.a. Zone Diet At Home) services are available for selected areas in the U.S. and Canada. Three gourmet Zone meals and two freshly prepared Zone snacks delivered to your doorstep every morning and inspired by Dr. Barry Sears and based on the 40 30 30 nutrition ratio, ChefsDiet.com offers a dietary plan that is healthy, delicious and convenient.

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Let us do the dieting for you !

Success Stories

Dear ZoneChefs®, I have been on your program for almost 3 weeks and have lost almost 15 pounds. Although this has been coupled with vigorous exercise, I have not been able to lose weight prior to this, and I have tried every diet under the sun! The food is always fresh and delicious, and the variety is truly astounding. Not only is ZoneChefs® providing me with excellent food, but I am learning how to control my portions and make intelligent food choices. As a busy Wall street executive I don’t always have the luxury of making appropriate food choices. ZoneChefs® takes all the worry and hassle out of eating properly! Thanks very much and please keep up the good work! - David R.

People are telling me they can see the difference. I'm obese and it's going to take a while before I go back on a scale. This program is the first one that I can say is making me stick to this program with the exclusion of drinking all that water. My friend is on this ZoneChefs® program and she is so excited because she lost 8 pounds and calls me to tell me how wonderful the food is as we are both good cooks and also like to eat. Thank you for helping and directing me to a better lifestyle. - Marie B.

Just wanted to compliment you on the food. It is SO MUCH BETTER than the food I was getting from ZoneGourmet. The quality and taste of the food is far superior, and the variety doesn't even compare. I had been with ZoneGourmet both in L.A. and New York and it reached I point that I was so sick of the food I couldn't eat it -- the lunches were particularly awful in terms of variety (the same mixed green salad with some tasteless protein -- usually chicken breast -- on top). And their second snack was either a Balance Bar or a ZoneGourmet Bar -- which I can buy on my own at a drugstore. I had doubts about trying another delivery service, because I assumed they'd all be the same, and I was very pleasantly suprised by the quality and variety of ZoneChefs®. - Chris A.