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Climbing Workout

Gravity is your friend. Increase your energy by going up stairs, and get the benefit of aerobic conditioning and increased leg strength. You’ll even benefit on the return trip with stronger quads from braking as you descend.

Ideally, find a high school or college stadium with some stands, or, in a pinch, use the building’s staircase for this workout.

For: Runners, Walkers, Cyclists, Triathletes.
Time: Variable.
Description: Go “up” to get a good workout. Use your nearby stairs, they may be the office buildings or a nearby stadium or tall building, to do a combination strength and aerobic workout that will improve running, walking or cycling performance.
Equipment needed: Stairs or bleachers.

The details:

1. Warm-up by walking or jogging for 10 minutes prior to going vertical.

2. Start by going up at a moderate pace, one step at a time, two flights or about 20 steps.

3. Do 15 pushups at the top.

4. Come back down.

5. Move over to the next series if in a stadium and tackle four flights or about 40 steps.

6. 15 pushups.

7. Back down.

8. If possible, keep increasing the number of steps to 10 flights or 100 steps.

9. Don’t forget the pushups.

10. If you are limited on the amount of up you can do by a short building or small stadium, go as high as you can and then take the stairs two at a time, starting with two flights.

11. Add to the challenge by increasing the speed with which you move, both up and down.