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Rope Jumping

The most effective way to get rid of the fat on the outside of your legs right below your hips is with the jump rope.

In order to lose mass, bulk and size on your body and firm at the same time is by rope jumping. It can be done at any age and is good for any body.

Rope jumping is not a high-impact exercise, when it is done properly, your feet should not leave the ground more than an inch, and land on the balls (front) of your feet, so that the stress is more equally distributed, putting more stress on the quadriceps ( the front of your legs).

The best jump ropes are those that are plastic or vinyl. To determine the correct length of a rope, stand with one feet on the middle of the rope. The ends under the armpits.

Start slowly and pay special attention to stretching calves. Begin with 2 to 4 sets of 100 to 200 jumps per set. Try to average at least 100 revolutions per minute and build your pulse rate up to 150 beats per minute. Believe it or not, that simple jump rope confidence and change more people's fitness levels.