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Revved-Up Rowing

For: All athletes.
Time: 35 minutes.
Description: Rowing, whether on the water or on a machine is one of the best whole body forms of aerobic exercise. Many fitness centers have rowing machines, give one a try using this workout.
Equipment needed: Rowing machine.

Very few activities use as many muscles in a movement pattern as rowing, which makes it an excellent way to improve your fitness. But, as with many exercise machines, it can get awfully boring just sitting on a rowing machine pulling away. Do some intervals to juice up the workout.

Make sure you use proper rowing technique, much of the power comes from the legs. Think of the movement in three phases:

  1. Begin by pushing with the legs, keeping your back bent forward.
  2. As your legs near complete extension, extend your back (sit up).
  3. The last part of the movement is using your arms to pull the bar to your chest.
  4. Return to the starting position using in the reverse order, arms, back and legs.

For the workout:
  1. Warm up for 10 minutes, gradually increasing your effort, work on smooth technique.
  2. Do a set of one-minute intervals with one-minute rest, 10 times. For each interval, increase the tempo slightly.
  3. Cool down for five minutes with easy rowing.