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Smooth Treadmills

 Lunch Crunch

 Ultimate Frisbee
A fast paced game of soccer-like frisbee, perfect for 6 to 10 coworkers who want to get a great workout at lunch.

 Running Technique Drills
Yes, there is technique involved in running. Get faster with these running drills—they’ll promote good, relaxed running form.

 Mountain Bike Technique Drills

 Run/Walk Intervals
Here is a structured 45-minute workout that will add some spice to your workouts. Intervals are repeated, harder efforts followed by periods of rest, often used by elite athletes because interval training produces benefits similar to entire workouts at higher intensity.

 Frisbee Speed Golf
You all know the game; this is just a variation that doesn’t require clubs, lots of green space, greens fees or 3 hours of your day. Get a Frisbee, a friend or three, and head outdoors. Same objective as the ball and stick variety except your “hole” will be some distant object like a tree, fire hydrant, parking meter or sign and your score is a combination of strokes and time (the faster the better).

 Outdoor Strength Training
If you think you need a gym to improve strength, think again. This series of strength training exercises will make you stronger, without giving up your outdoor time.

 Stairway to Fitness
Go “up” to get a good workout. Use your nearby stairs, they may be the office buildings or a nearby stadium or tall building, to do a combination strength and aerobic workout that will improve running, walking or cycling performance.

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