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 Lunch Crunch

 15's and Pyramids
A workout designed for those with ADD (attention deficit disorder). No boredom on your bike here, the workout is always changing. This is a bike workout that is easily adaptable to an indoor exercise (in case you forgot your bike or the weather is really bad).

 1,000-Meter Running Repeats
A set of 1,000-meter (1k) repeats at the track or on a measured loop. The 1k distance is one of the best for learning a sense of pace for 5 and 10k road races.

 Partner Pacing--Cycling
A tandem workout for cyclists of similar abilities. It’s great for practicing drafting and a high cadence, while having to maintain a relatively high intensity.

 Partner Pacing--Walking
A tandem workout for walkers/runners of similar abilities. The leader sets pace and direction, while the follower matches the effort and route.

A great form of “useable” strength training, bouldering is rock climbing without going up. With some rock climbing shoes, a boulder, and a partner, you can practice moving horizontally along the rock, all the while developing strength and coordination.

 Swimming Intervals
A basic swimming interval workout designed to improve swimming fitness and change the routine of back and forth.

 Water Running
A low impact way to stay in running or walking shape, great if you have a persistent pain or injury, but can’t sit still. You’ll need access to deep water (over 5 ft.) to do this workout.

 Lunch Hour Backpacking
Add a small backpack and some weight to your walking routine, and get yourself ready for a wilderness trip, or at least gain some strength. This workout is ideal if your weekends are spent hiking in the woods.

 Switching Gears for a Great Workout
A one-hour cycling workout that encourages you to change your cadence, which will change all sorts of other things, like your speed, heart rate and coordination.

 Soccer Ball Workout
Bring a soccer ball along on your walk or run to add some variety. By spending 30 minutes chasing the ball, you’ll vary your route and tempo, and get better at soccer.

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