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Smooth Treadmills

 Lunch Crunch

 Skip, Hop, Jump Your Way to Greater Strength
These movements are designed to improve the power of muscles, which is more important than brute strength when it comes to getting from point A to point B. They should be performed after you have been doing strength training for at least six to eight weeks.

 In-Line Skating Parking Lot Intervals

 Parking Lot Fartlek
A great variable intensity workout that takes advantage of the asphalt right outside the office. If you’re looking for a way to make the lunchtime walk or run more creative, without straying too far, this workout is for you.

 Ride 'n' Tie
The cycling variation on the “one horse, two riders” problem. One rides ahead, drops off the bike, while the other runs, picks up the bike and leapfrogs the runner.

 Strength Training in the Gym
A good beginning strength routine using standard exercises and equipment available in most fitness centers.

 Walking with Poles
Add spice to your walking workout with some poles and a few hills. You’ll add an upper-body element to your workout, increasing the calorie burning of your exercise.

 Mountain Bike Hill Repeats
Improve your mountain bike riding with these hill intervals. You’ll improve your power and technique, and it’ll make climbing less of a chore.

 Running Time Trial
A run where you monitor your speed and intensity over a set time. This is a good workout for checking the progress in your level of fitness.

 Swimming Games
Good swimmers are comfortable in the water. Use this workout to help you become more intimate with the aquatic environs.

 Midday Soccer

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